My Support System

My fiance, best friend and soul mate. We've been together for three years now and plan to marry in summer 2012

Spud is, amongst many things, a car fanatic. He is fascinated by the way things work, and will often dismantle things to find out. He is also very intelligent, and will take the trouble to thoroughly research the things he doesn't understand.

Spud is virtually my complete opposite. The only things we really have in common are our faith and spiritual values. I believe, however, that we complement each other with our differences.

My Family
My family consists of my parents and my two brothers, Matt and Dave, who are 19 and 16. Mum and Dad teach, and Matt and Dave are still in full time education.

I recently flew the nest to live 300 miles away, but I treasure the time we spend together.

Dearest Friend 

I've known Dearest Friend for eleven years, but we really grew close when we started high school, and closer still when she moved away to Spain. We corresponded by snail mail for the two years that she was abroad, and when she returned we were truly best friends. 

Darling Girl

Darling Girl is my other best friend. We met at high school and hit it off straight away. She has a lovely personality and a beautiful smile. I have shared so many memories with her over the years. She really treasures her friends, and we treasure her!

Golden Girl

Golden Girl is probably my oldest friend - we've known each other since we were three, having first met at playgroup and then gone through school together. Golden Girl was in the year below me, and everyone thought we were sisters! She is midway through a degree in nursing. She is a popular girl with a genuinely caring personality. I know our friendship is one that will last forever.

The Two Lads

I don't yet have a blogging name for these two. I got to know both at high school. I'll let you in on a little secret - they were my first two crushes! We forged a really great friendship during our time at sixth-form college, one that has remained intact despite going our separate ways to university. They are both true gentlemen, and I am honoured to call them friends.


Treasure is the lady I am living with - I suppose you would call her my landlady. She is a widow, but keeps herself busy. When she's not making jam to sell in aid of charity, she's attending a bell plate group or choir. She is also involved with three different churches, and often plays the piano for the ladies' group and weekly communion. She has been having people to stay for over 50 years and her visitor book dates back to 1953!

She is very kind and extremely selfless. We get on very well.