Sunday, 15 January 2012

Home At Last

I haven't much felt like writing recently, but that's because the recent development I alluded to in my last post, has occupied most of my attention and energy over the last few weeks. I am now ready to make the announcement... Spud and I have bought our first home. It is a three bedroom end terrace, literally twice the size of the one we nearly bought back in November, and it's a dream come true. While it's in reasonable condition and suitable for moving into straight away, Spud and I aren't moving in until our wedding day in August. We've been calling in once or twice a week to work on it, and make it our own. Our priorities have been fortifying the security as we were burgled within the first few days of ownership. There wasn't all that much for the trespassers to take, but they got away with Spud's tools and a ladder. We have reason to believe the burglary was more to do with the house being unoccupied at the moment, and the back door (which was forced open) being insecure. We are not too concerned, but obviously it's not a nice feeling knowing that somebody has broken in and trespassed on your property, even when you don't yet live there. 

We have met a few of the neighbours who are extremely friendly, and were very concerned to hear of our misfortune. One elderly gentleman has lived in the neighbourhood all his life, and said he has only ever had a piece of fencing stolen. He was in the building trade and helped us to secure the back door temporarily for us. We haven't met our next door neighbours, but we posted our contact numbers through their letter box, and they texted me the next day in acknowledgement, which I thought was very kind. 

It is an exciting thing setting up house. We got the electricity working yesterday, and Spud spent the day installing a new lock on the front door while I cleaned the kitchen, dreaming about painting the walls the butter yellow of my vision. Even Spud saw my perspective and agreed to this! 

I will upload some photographs of the house as it is now, just as soon as I get onto Spud's computer again. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hello January!

'Tis but the frost that clears the air,
And gives the sky that lovely blue;
They're smiling in a winter's sun, 
Those evergreens of sombre hue.

Anne Bronte - 'The Arbour'

Everyone keeps going on about how much they hate January, but I for one am loving it so far and not just because of the positive developments that it has brought about so far, one of which I will write about very soon. My last few Januarys have been good ones, even last year when I was stuck in a job I hated and suffered spells where I was incredibly miserable. I love the combination of the brisk raw air and the clear winter skies, particularly as this January has been comparatively mild to those previously. I remember one especially lovely day a year ago when Spud and I went to the beach, and for some reason I took upon to wear a dress even though it was January and it was freezing. I was happy that day, the combination of weather, scenic surroundings and good company raising my spirits. 

I think, for me, January is the most positive month of the year. I consider it a chance to start again, the new year's resolutions giving me something to aim for, and the opportunity to really think about what I want from the year. I've always engaged well with targets, and the results have been more than I could've hoped for so far. Sometimes my resolve to achieve these can ebb during the year, but January is the month that I am most determined to make things happen. 

It has been a good year so far for my writing, despite the rejection letter I received yesterday from Women's Weekly magazine, after sending them my two best stories back in September. I was naturally a little disappointed and put out, but I took it in my stride and wasn't in the least bit upset as I might have been before. I didn't receive any feedback and was only told that my stories hadn't met the required guidelines, so I am going to write to them and find out what their guidelines are for next time. 

In the last few days I've written a poem and the first twelve pages or so of a new project. I have been driven by my desire to be a writer, and inspired by the things I am reading at the moment (poetry by the Bronte sisters, 'The Tempest' and David Copperfield, for those who are interested). I will get their someday, even if it takes my whole life. 

Yes, January has been kind to me so far, and I've had a good start to the year.