Wednesday, 7 December 2011

#7 Nativities

This evening, Little One took part in his first school nativity, starring as a cow. Unfortunately, Spud and I couldn't be there as we were going to the Boy's Brigade carol service, but we hear from his parents that his debut went well. I think a child's first nativity or school play is very special, both for the child and for the parents. This is one of many things Spud and I hope to experience a few years down the line. 

I can still remember the school plays I participated with as a young child. Obviously, back then, my teachers saw a budding actress in me, as I got to play Mary twice. The first time was when I was four and just about to leave playgroup to start primary school in January. I was given a doll at the end of the performance (probably because I was leaving) and to this day she is known as Mary, as a memento of that day. 

The following year my class starred as the various farmyard animals that attended the birth of our saviour. I chose to be a sheep, and I remember making a mask. The year after that, I was chosen to be Mary again, and this time I was given four lines to learn. My parents have a few photographs, and I wish I could share them with you. 

Over the years that followed I played an elf, a sheep, a soldier, a rabbit and Martha Cratchit. Towards the end of my time at primary school, I became very shy and self-conscious, and as someone who hated drawing attention to myself, the school play was hardly my highlight of the year. But my memories of that time are good ones, and I can still remember some of the songs we learned eleven, twelve, thirteen years ago... 

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