Sunday, 4 December 2011

#4 Christmas Wishes

Spud will tell you that I am a most difficult person to buy a present for. I am not a materialist at all. In fact, I am the complete opposite. In my opinion, I have all that I could possibly want or need, and I am constantly clearing out my possessions whenever I feel I have too much. That is not to say that I don't like receiving presents, or don't like the gifts people choose for me. I am always very touched by the thought people put into my gifts and take great delight in discovering what they have chosen for me. I also take great care of the gifts I receive. 

I have a short Amazon wishlist, consisting mostly of DVDs and CDs, but naturally, as my fiancĂ©, Spud wants to put a little more thought and effort into my gifts, and over the years he has bought me some wonderful and surprising gifts, like an expensive fountain pen, which I use for writing in my diary, or my state of the art camera. Here is a typical conversation between us, which recurs throughout Autumn:

Spud: What do you want for Christmas

Me: I don't know

Spud: You must want something

Me: No. Don't get me anything

Spud: I can't do that. You would be very disappointed

Me: No I wouldn't

Spud: *looks despairingly at me* 

Me: Okay, I know what I want. I want a house

Spud: That doesn't count

Me: *changing the subject* What do you want for Christmas, then?

Spud: *switching on his computer and going onto the Modelzone website* Well, I really like this... and this... and that one's on offer at the moment...

Last year, my Christmas wish was for a new job, and four months later, I got one. It wasn't the dream job, but it got me out of my miserable circumstances and into an environment where I am currently thriving. This year, I'm so happy that I honestly can't think of anything besides a house that I want, and even that is undergo at the moment. My Christmas wish is for others to be happy and have their Christmas wishes come true...

On a different note, and for the record, my lovely in-laws presented me with an advent calendar yesterday, so now I can countdown advent the old-school way! Of course, I will still be posting everyday for your pleasure!

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Tamara Epps said...

I am surprised reading this entry as I've always found you to be the easiest person to buy for on my list! Perhaps, though, this is down to the fact that we have very similar tastes in things and attach similar sentiments to certain types of things. Never knew you weren't a materialist though!