Monday, 19 December 2011

#19 Hibernating

Being cold is one of the things I hate most of all, so although I like aspects of all four seasons, winter time is hardly a favourite. It is sheer determination that gets me out of bed at 0345 in the morning, and the prospect of a few more minutes in bed with my dressing gown and a hot cup of coffee. When I am out, comfort comes before fashion. I wear layers: extra jumper, winter jacket, woolly hat, scarf, mittens. I’ve even requested a pair of ear warmers for Christmas... When I’ve finished work, I often crawl back into bed and luxuriate in the warmth until I’ve thawed out completely. Alternatively, my dressing gown goes back on over the top of what I’m wearing.

Every year when winter comes, I think wistfully how nice it would be to hibernate, if just for a few weeks - unlikely and impractical, maybe, but pleasant. While the warmth of the summer sun entices me out of the house, the cold drags at my energy levels and motivation. I’m sure, as unrealistic as it sounds, a lot of people would share in my fantasy about the world standing still while the people sleep, just for a few weeks in winter. 

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