Saturday, 17 December 2011

#17 Wrapping Techniques

I finished all my wrapping for good earlier in the week and thought tonight I would discuss techniques with you. I have to admit, I am very pedantic when it comes to wrapping presents. I like each parcel to be tightly and neatly bundled up, although I realise this isn't always possible. When choosing gifts for people, I don't tend to think about the shape or size, and how easy this is to wrap. I also have the tendency to overuse the tape. In the past, friends have commented on how difficult my presents were to get into because I had taped down every edge and every possible opening. Spud is the complete opposite. He uses a minimal amount of tape, meaning that sometimes the edges are slightly loose. I think this is to do with the fact that he is economically minded, meaning his view is, the less used, the better. On more than one occasion he hasn't even bothered wrapping some of my presents! 

It is always a real pleasure to wrap presents. I normally leave mine until the last few days before Christmas, and then do them all in one go, with carols playing softly in the background. However, this year I have had to get on with it in advance, at least it's all out of the way now, and the last few days will be all the more relaxing. 

On a different note, the snow arrived here this evening...


Ashley said...

It's so funny to see the difference (generally) between men and women when it comes to wrapping presents. I'm like you, I like them neatly and tightly wrapped, and also bedecked with ribbons and cute tags and all sorts of merriment. Bryan is fine as long as it's covered somehow. Yes, I know it's just going to get thrown away, but a fun wrapped present makes me smile, and makes gift-giving even more fun.

Kess said...

Yes! That's so true! A well wrapped and pretty looking present makes my day too!