Tuesday, 13 December 2011

#13 Left To Do

Write cards:

Family and Friends
Boy's Brigade

Send long distance cards

Christmas shopping (Completed yesterday)

Decorate house/tree (don't have any decorations of my own, but helped decorate Spud's house/tree)

Christmas cooking (N/A - I wasn't ambitious enough this year)

Wrap presents (more or less)

Print photos for photo gifts (in progress)

Send parcels (As of today)

Stick up cards

Attend functions:

Boy's Brigade carol service (Last Wednesday)
Ladies carol service
Men's Club Christmas social with the ladies
Carol singing in the village

Not doing too badly, although it's not a record by any means. I expect the list next year will be considerably longer as Spud and I hope to host a Christmas of our own!


Tamara Epps said...

You are so organised! I only wrote most of my cards today and haven't done all my shopping and none of the wrapping yet.

Kess said...

Unfortunately I have to be as I'm working nights next week and know I won't have time for this as I'll have to sleep during the day!