Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Six Months On

Six months has past since that life-changing phone call, when I was offered a way out of a job I hated, a job that was affecting my health and undermining my well-being. At the end of March I received my uniform and attended my two days of training, with the lovely training manager, who still knows my name, even hundreds of training sessions later. She was strict, but very open and approachable, and I learned a lot about her during those two days. She was positively beaming, as she and her husband had just been cleared for adoption, after the long and nail-biting process, and they were so excited about becoming parents at last. I know she left on adoption leave a couple of months ago, and today at work I saw a sight that warmed my heart. She was in the store in everyday wear (strange not to see her in her uniform), and in her trolley sat a little fair haired toddler, her daughter. I gave them both my biggest smile, as I was so delighted to see my trainer looking so happy and natural in her new role as a parent. My heart was cheering for them both. 

Six months on, she is a mother. Six months on, I am a well-known, valued and established colleague. At the end of the month, my staff discount card (which I received last week) will be validated and I will receive a pay rise, my probationary period being over. I have been in this job for nearly as long as I was in my last, despised job. How quickly the time has passed, and so much has happened. But I am happy, so happy, my friends. 


Tamara Epps said...

So glad to hear that you're happy :D

Kess said...

Thanks! x