Thursday, 22 September 2011

Always A Writer

Since my return home, I have been greatly amused by the discovery of my old school books. I particularly enjoyed reading through some of my school "diary" entries, and my English books, which hold some of my earliest stories, one of which I will share with you shortly. I was appalled by my ramblings and atrocious spelling, but actually, some of the storylines were quite impressive! Below is one of my diary entries, written when I was 8 years old.

It was about the discovery of a bull in one of the back fields, but as the caption reads: "Luckerly there was fence".

And now, for a story, written in its original form, complete with poor spelling and grammar. Enjoy!

Long long ago in a far away land there was a beautiful cat.
The cat was always saying to herself "Im the most beautiful creature in the world."
Then one day a hansom peacock came.
He was prettier than the cat.
"Drat" said the cat. "Im supposed to be the prettyiest. Not a peacock."
The cat found out the peacock was called Percy.
The cat thought of an awfull plan which was to eat it.
The cat saw Percy and she ran up to him and pounced.
She missed

Then the cat remerbered the animal rule.
If you attack an animal you get bad punishment.
The cat went back to her house and ate tinned cat food.
She saw Percy leaving.
Her owner told her Percy only came for a holiday.
The cat smiled.
The cats owner was a princess who lived in a palace.
Then one night there was an animal meeting.
The animals were exited.
The wise old deer said "my daughter will now become queen of the deer and that cat will now become queen of the cats."

So the cat became queen of the cats.
The cat was so sorry Percy left. She asked him to come and stay.
The cat and Percy were best friends now.
They lived happily ever after.
The end.

I hope this amused you as much as it amused me! And hopefully my writing has come on a bit since then...


Anna said...

What a shameful, neglectful blog friend I've been.
I've just read over all of your recent posts,and laughed, cried, and been overawed again at the loveliness that is you.
Simply you.
Your shots of your school work made me ache.
Your dreams and hopes fill me with joy.
I am blessed that God brought you to me.
I truly am.

Kess said...

As am I. And I have been an equally neglectful...
We have been friends for two years now and you are very, very dear to me. I can't wait to meet you next summer, if not before.
I love you so much, my dear friend.