Friday, 5 August 2011

Last Time

Spud and I are off to Bible camp tomorrow for (potentially) our last stint as Tent Officers. In case you don't remember from last year, a T.O.'s job is to supervise the campers, aged 10-13, 24/7. It can be quite an intense and exhausting week, but also great fun! I have taken away so many wonderful memories from camp, and met so many amazing people. 

I say this is potentially our last stint as T.O.s because next year we will be away on our honeymoon during camp week, and the year after we should go along as a married couple to offer general support. However, no doubt we will be called upon to fill a T.O. role if there is ever a shortage! 

I am really excited about catching up with everyone, including fellow T.O.'s, Chan, Ben, Briony and Darren; meeting the campers and supporting them throughout the week; and of course, the good old camp grub, especially camp porridge! I have practically been salivating all week at the thought of a nice steaming bowl of camp porridge! 

There is just one piece of news to add: Spud and I both have interviews that week. It would be really great if one or both of us had some success. Spud has been trying so, so hard to get a job, and could really use a break in the seemingly endless stream of rejections. As for me, well, my interview is for my dream job: a full time post as school library assistant. It would be truly amazing if I got this job, and there are so many reasons why it would be perfect for us. Anyway, it's all in the Lord's hands, but I would really appreciate it if you would pray or cross your fingers for us (Spud on Monday, and me on Wednesday). 

I look forward to catching up with you all in a week, and hopefully having more time to post!


Anna said...

This was such a joy to read Kess, as ALL your posts are.
I will so remember you both next week. It's hard to be rejected for job after job, and it can sound trite when people say * we know who is in control*
I will pray, of course I will.
Imagine you as a library assistant! WOW!
Surrounded by words.
Our idea of Heaven on earth!
Chin up little flower, and much prayer for the coming week.

Kess said...

Thanks honey! :-) I knew I could count on you!

Yes, it's definitely my idea of heaven, being surrounded by all those books and supporting children and teenagers with their learning.

I'm off very shortly - it's raining! Lol. Speak to you when I get back, princess.



P.S. I'm still praying about the thing you texted me about xxxx

Tamara Epps said...

Will be wishing you both lots of luck in your interviews and look forward to reading about your time at camp. By the way, I know the secret to camp porridge...