Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Birthday of Sorts

Two years ago today I set up The Passing Place, and my little blog is still going strong. I must confess though, I did hit a point quite recently where I felt like giving it up. It was nothing personal, but more to do with the discovery of limitations in my new job that meant I was constantly tired, and lacking both the time and energy to blog, as well as anything really to blog about. I was barely finding the time to get things done, and consequently I had to bring my poor blog to the bottom of my list of priorities, and it became slightly neglected. Rather than posting obsessively, like I used to, I found I was only able to write once every couple of weeks, and even then my posts felt feeble and rather forced. 

Thankfully, after a fortnight's respite, my blog has picked up once more. I have now replaced my broken USB card reader which means I can upload photographs again, and I think the coming year will bring a lot more things for me to post about, including (hopefully):

* Spud and I finding suitable jobs
* Spud and I buying a place of our own
* Wedding preparations
* Coverage of the wedding
* The honeymoon

These are one or two things for you and I to look forward to. I can't tell you how indebted I feel to every single one of my readers. It's so nice knowing that there are people out there (people I've never met but are nevertheless very dear friends to me) not only taking an interest in me and what I have to say, but also rooting for me and praying for me. It is very humbling and I want you to know that you are all very special to me. What can I say except, thank you for being here and sticking with me through and through? That means so much, and maybe there will come a day when I can meet you all in person! I know I haven't been especially good at keeping up with your blogs (partly due to my limited internet connection) and this is something I hope to rectify as I do enjoy reading what you have to say too, and a lot of you have really inspired me with your words and ideas. 

How will I be celebrating my blogging birthday? Well, I won't really. I'd love to host a blogging party or a give away, but again, I don't have much time (maybe that's something to plan for next year). I have just arrive back from a fortnight's holiday, and I return to work tomorrow. The next fortnight will be a busy one, full of meetings, Spud's birthday celebrations, holiday club, and a million other things to do! I admit, I'll be glad to reach the other side. I will try to keep you updated on how I get on!

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