Thursday, 18 August 2011


Here are some photographs I was meaning to upload in June, when a mother blackbird built her nest to the side of Spud's driveway. The babies have long since flown the nest, but Spud and I managed to document their development with a few photographs.


Anna said...

Hello my sweetpea!
I really loved these last two posts. It was so cute watching the baby birdies in each shot!
I really loved your wedding dress entry too.
Have you considered somewhere like Ebay or a second hand bridal store?
We have one minutes away from here and some of the dresses are stunning at a fraction of the cost.
Happy hunting my darling.
You will look stunning!
( Totally loving the new header shot BTW :)

Kess said...

Hey darling!

It's lovely to hear from you!

Thanks for the advice - I may try ebay as we are trying to keep costs down! There are a couple of charity shops near me which specialise in wedding dresses, so they will be my next stop.

My mum is designing the wedding invitations, and they look great. We're sending them out at Christmas, so you'll get to see them then!