Monday, 11 July 2011

God's Love Letters to You

God's Love Letters to You is a "40 Day Devotional Experience" based on 66 Love Letter's also by Dr Larry Crabb. Each devotional focuses on one of the books of the Bible, and provides us insight into God's love for us through Crabb's personal conversations with God. The format of each devotional is simple: it opens with a title and a Bible verse relevant to the day's theme, followed by three or four paragraphs summarising what God is saying to us through this particular book of the Bible. Crabb provides us with some reflective, and sometimes quite challenging, questions and then closes with a short prayer. Each devotional takes just a couple of minutes to read, but readers are encouraged to take more time over the questions to ensure they get the most out of it. 

I am reading this alongside my other devotionals, and I am impressed by what I've read so far. It has really challenged me and changed my perspective on certain aspects of my personal relationship with God. Crabb writes with genuine spiritual wisdom and discernment, and his conversation with God is deep and compelling. I believe this devotional will really help me to engage with the Bible and take more from it, as well as encouraging my own faith. I would recommend this to any Christian, whatever stage they are at on their journey with God. 

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Anna said...

Little one!
What a busy little bee you are these days!
I don't know of the new blogger format.
Mine hasn't changed?
Loved loved loved your last two posts.
You are doing so well with your book reviews for booksneeze!
I feel a tad guilty as I started with it and then time ran away with me and I didn't get back to it.
Kess don't get too stressed about your wedding.
It can be a really stressful time, just try to enjoy all the planning for your big day! ( It will be wonderful)
Enjoy these hazy days of summer, my love.
They will be gone, before we know it.