Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Watching The Storm Go Out To Sea

I love this time of the year so much that my heart turns cartwheels! Today is Midsummer's Day, or the first day of summer if you like, and it doesn't matter what the weather does - it's just good to feel warm! 

On Saturday the storm clouds gathered, and let rip some thunder and lightning before Spud and I set out. The storm passed over fairly quickly, but it was heading East as we were, and soon caught up with us! 

We joined up with some friends from Bible camp for one of our annual rallies. This was the last rally before camp and it always includes a beach trip. When we first stepped onto the sand, the sun emerged, and for a few glorious minutes we put down our bags and coats, and made ourselves comfortable. We were aware of the dark mass of cloud in the distance, growing gradually closer, and quickly assessed the availability of cover. There were several shelters on the promenade, the nearest of which just a short run away. 

The moment Spud and I felt the first drops of rain, we fastened our jackets, pulled up our hoods and ran in that direction. We found space on the bench beneath the shelter, and huddled together as the rain started to fall in a torrent. Soon everyone was safely under cover, and it was very atmospheric - a good reminder of what the wettest days at camp can be like, but hopefully not an omen of the kind of weather we're likely to experience when camp week comes rolling around!

I knew it was our storm the moment the thunder boomed, and my heart leapt (you remember how much I love storms?) This was accompanied by a flash of lightning, which was later visible as it streaked across the sky, above the sea. The storm didn't last long. Each roll of thunder was fainter than the last. The rain ceased and the younger campers, eager to return to the beach, left cover. Spud and I remained there, with a few of the other camp leaders, and watched the storm clouds roll out to sea, soon just a smudge of grey on the horizon. 

The weather cleared up and his been perfect ever since. The sunlight has painted the whole world golden, the showers are delightfully refreshing, and the wind is a warm hand combing my hair and brushing my face tenderly. I love all the seasons, but there's something particularly special about this time of the year...

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