Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Promise of an Angel

The Promise of an Angel is the first novel in the Heaven on Earth series by Ruth Reid. It tells the story of Judith Fischer, who has dreamed all her life of marrying and raising a family. On the eve of her nineteenth birthday, Judith’s brother suffers a terrible accident for which Judith feels responsible for. But when she arrives on the scene of the accident she discovers an angel standing over her brother. This encounter changes the course of her life, and Judith finds herself an outcast in a community reluctant to believe the truth.

I didn’t get into the novel immediately. My first impression was that Reid launched too quickly into the plot, and I couldn’t see how the action could drag on for another 250 pages. This perspective was changed though. I soon warmed to the characters, and the twists and turns in the plot kept me turning the pages.

I thought the author brought the Christian message into the storyline very well, and presented a very true picture of the hardships of faith. Judith is tested and persecuted for her faith, but learns the essence of prayer and trust as she waits for God to unfold his plan for her and her family. I was also fascinated by the author’s descriptions of life in an Amish community. I got the impression that Ruth Reid had experienced firsthand what life the Amish way must be like, because she painted a really vivid picture of this in The Promise of an Angel.

This was very enjoyable, and I’m sure I will read the next instalment, Brush of Angel Wings, when it is released next year.

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