Thursday, 16 June 2011

Curing the Moon Blues

I'm sure most women are familiar with the "Moon Blues" (you know, the ones that occur once a month - I felt like being creative and coining a new phrase). When these occur, we need a few little comforts and pick-me-ups to keep going. Here are my tips:

1) Run a hot bubble bath, get in and... drown yourself. Only joking. That's what I felt like doing today when I was feeling particularly lousy. Well, not really, but I did submerge completely for a while (apart from my nose and mouth - the water wasn't deep enough) and found this really relaxing. Being under water shut out all the background noise. I felt like I was on a higher plane of sorts and this enabled me to really think and get to the core of the tumult of emotions I experienced today. When I resurfaced I felt a lot better. Both my sore muscles and my hormones improved for having a good soak. 

2) Do an activity you enjoy. For me this was typing up some short stories and a poem. These are all recent works and I've barely had time to give them the attention they needed. Typing them up was a very therapeutic task and I enjoyed engaging with my rushed first drafts and developing them further still. Doing something I considered productive made me feel great! Listening to some of my CDs while I did this also cheered me up. 

3) Treat yourself to a favourite snack. Today I bought myself some yoghurt coated fruity flakes, with the intention of taking them along to work in the mornings and eating them for breakfast, as it's too early to eat much at that time. I love yoghurt, and I love dried fruit, so these elements combined were like a taste of heaven! I also made myself a pot of tea, and later I had a little chocolate to perk me up (chocolate always works!)

4) Talk to a sympathetic (female) friend. Men never have and probably never will understand Moon Blues. Probably all they notice (if anything at all) is that we're sometimes rattier than usual (I know I can be sometimes). I've found the best way to vent how I'm feeling, is to talk to a close friend who has seen me at my best and at my worst, and is willing to accept me all the same. Females are the best for this, because obviously they can empathise, having been through this themselves. And also, we women like to talk about these sorts of things, don't we?

5) Finally, I turn in early and take time to unwind before bed to ensure a good night's sleep. I almost always feel better the morning after, and ready to turn over a new leaf and start again. 

And that, my friends, is how I deal with my Moon Blues. 


Anna said...

Hello my darling!
What a great post!
( Totally loved the title as I didn't know what was coming :)
Oh yes, and yes, and yes.
To everything.
Esp. the bubble bath.
Now how spooky is it that I did exactly the same thing last night?
The whole blocking out the sound thing?
Love you Kess,
your writing goes from strength to strength.

Kess said...

Sweetie, you are too kind :) I love that you love my writing, and that it brings a smile to your face.

That is rather spooky! Lol. I can just picture you going through the same ritual all those miles away :)

Happy weekend my lovely! And long may it last!



Anna said...

I forgot to say I'm really sad that we haven't heard one more word about the travelling journal, when so much thought and love went in to getting it started, sob :((