Monday, 2 May 2011

Wedding Fever

Spud and I were amongst the billions who watched the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on Friday. We felt that as it was a historic event we ought to watch it - it's not something that happens every day. I also absolutely love weddings, and must admit, I was rather drawn in by the atmosphere. 

We didn't participate with any of the Royal Wedding themed celebrations taking place, but watched it in Treasure's living room, just the two of us as she was watching it with her son and daughter-in-law. We sat through the full four hours, and although it dragged at times, it was nice just being lazy and witnessing the spectacle: laughing at all the silly hats, and imagining what was going through the Queen's mind at various points in the day. I liked it that the wedding was a very traditional one, and I think it was good for Spud to see as he's never been to a wedding before!

The event made me all the more excited for our wedding as it will be the next! I know other couples who will be getting married before then, but I will not be directly involved (other than enjoying the photographs on Facebook). I now appreciate just how quickly time is passing, and how soon my wedding day will come around. It doesn't feel like six months has passed since William and Catherine announced their engagement. It doesn't feel like (nearly) two and a half years since Spud proposed! Just think how quickly the next year is going to go by!


Ashley said...

It will go by SO fast! Bryan and I are already starting to plan our one-year anniversary celebration! It's nuts how fast it goes!

Kess said...

Can't believe it's been nearly a year! :)