Monday, 23 May 2011

A Productive Day

Spud is doing a full day's work at the nursery today, and so I've found myself with a full day on my hands for the first time in ages! I thought, initially, I would crack on and see if I could get some writing done, but I am now halfway through the day and haven't done any writing at all. I don't consider the day a loss though. In fact, it has been a very productive day in other areas of my life. 

I had a nice long lie-in until 9.15am (yes, that is a "long" lie-in for me), and then enjoyed some quiet time in prayer and worship. This lasted a lot longer than anticipated, and made me think that rather than launching straight into writing, I should just take the day as it came. So the next thing I did was to get my flute out and have a good practice. Treasure heard the music, and we ended up having a mini jamming session with her on the piano. We played through "Lord of the Sea and Sky" together. It made me realise that I am ready to offer my flute/playing to my church again. 

Spud paid me a surprise visit at lunchtime as he's only working a mile or two down the road and was given a whole hour for lunch. I may do some writing this afternoon if I feel inspired, or I may do a few other practical things like tidying and organising my room so that next time I have a day to myself I am more likely to do some writing (my motivation is greatly affected by my surroundings, and I am less likely to write if my room is messy and disorganised). 

I just feel completely revitalised. Sometimes if I dedicate a whole day to writing, I don't get anything worthwhile written down and feel rubbish at the end of the day, so it's good that rather than straining for inspiration, I have instead pottered around and taken the day as it comes. And maybe some inspiration will arise later on...


Tamara Epps said...

I love these kind of days. Usually when I'm not sure what to do and I opt to take it slow, I end up being my most productive.

Anna said...

What a charming post Kess! I never knew you played the flute! ( My darling does too :))
I'm so glad you had a lovely day.
Days like this are very special .

Kess said...

*Tamara* It was a valuable discovery, and something I'll retain for next time :)

*Anna* I have no doubt that Beloved can play the flute considerably better than I can! But I enjoy playing nevertheless.