Sunday, 1 May 2011

Here's One I Wrote Earlier

I wrote this a few years ago and it featured on my last blog and also my Facebook page. It is a piece I am particularly proud of, so I decided to post it again. 

Ten Things I Am

Recognition of my God given identity

1) I am a daughter, a sister, a fiancee, a grand-daughter, a niece, a cousin. I hope that if it is God's will, I will someday be a mother. I am a friend, a best friend, a confidant, a carer, a colleague, a student, a class mate. To some I am a merely a person known only by face. To others I am a stranger, a passer by, someone they might see once in their lifetime, someone they might pass by without even noticing. To others still, despite my lack of fame, I may be merely a name thrown into a conversation

2) I am a person of equal worth to anybody and everybody else in this world, no matter their social status or position. This is because we were all created by God and he holds no person above another. I am by no means superior to anybody else, nor I am inferior. Neither are you

3) I am designed by a loving creator; handmade in his image with love and care (you are too!) I was given life at an exact time, in order to fulfill a purpose given to me. I am a one off model, a limited edition that will walk this earth for maybe up to about 80 years or so until my time is done

4) I am diverse. Nobody else in the world is completely alike, no matter how many ithings we have in common. More than 6 billion people walk this earth, and nobody is the same. No two sets of eyes are the same. When I walk through crowds I see a multitude of colours, an abundance of different outfits, hair styles, faces... The air is alive with a cacophony of voices. I am learning to praise God in these moments

5) I am forgiven for all the stupid things I've said and done over time. I can't turn back time but I can turn my back on the past with the knowledge that it has been forgiven and forgotten. Every new day is a new day because all the bad parts of yesterday have been forgotten. The slate has been wiped clean and I know that this forgiveness will continue all my life. I am free because of this. I am no longer bound by the oppressive, painful memories of the past because I have been released from them by the one who loves me

6) I am beautiful in my own way, just as everybody in the world is uniquely beautiful. This beauty is not necessarily physical, as beauty comes in many shapes and forms. I always have been beautiful even when I have not known it

7) I am learning to be selfless, to serve others in all situations and put their needs before my own. I often get it wrong because I am too hesitant or shy, but I am given new opportunities to give it another go each and everyday. I am learning that servitude is about making time for people, and often about making difficult sacrifices

8) I am an illumination of my shadowed former self. I am learning to step out, to speak up in the name of God, and to fight the good fight. I'm not saying that it's effortless; it's far from it. In fact, it is all too easy to fall back into my old habit of hiding myself, allowing my oppressive shyness to overshadow me once more. It takes a lot of prayer, patience and perseverence to get it right

9) I am loved, not only by my fiance, or my friends and family who show that they love me and like me by wanting to be with me and showing genuine care, but I am also loved eternally and unconditionally by my heavenly father (as are you!) If there is one thing to rejoice about it's that

10) I am a woman of God. And the sheer beauty of this is that total strangers are beginning to see this in me simply by looking at me. His love is transforming me

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