Monday, 9 May 2011

Church Family

Last night at church I did something that was quite brave for me. I stood up at the front during "testimony time" and spoke to the congregation. I didn't say anything profound. I just said thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome, and that finding a family at church has both helped my move and my spiritual growth. 

I say this was quite brave for me because this very act is one of the things that I find most terrifying. I am not a good speaker, particularly when called upon to speak to a big (or even small) group of people. But it's something that God has been urging me to do for weeks now. Every time "testimony time" has come round, I've remained rooted to my seat, feeling like I didn't have anything important to say and so therefore it didn't matter, when really God has done so many great things for me, things that others need to hear. 

I know I was shaking from head to toe and stumbling over my words, but at least I did it. God gave me the courage and the kick up the backside that I needed, and the loving smiles from the congregation assured me that I was loved and accepted, and that what I had to say was well received. I am so happy to have found a church where I belong (I never felt this way about my last church which I attended from the age of three) and to find a family there! I am really excited about finding out how God wants me to serve there. 

Last night was the first step, and hopefully with time I will become a more confident speaker and learn to really profess my faith verbally. 


Anna said...

I like, no love it, when people are brave enough to take baby steps.
How marvellous darling and I wish I had been there to hear your ( which I'm sure were beautiful words.. )

Kess said...

I wished you been there too :) I just know you would have been cheering me on!