Tuesday, 17 May 2011

All Change

Spud is now one step closer to finding employment. He has just started working voluntarily in a nursery, 3 mornings a week, which will hopefully lead to either bank work or a more permanent position. 

I have an interview on Saturday for a part time administrative post at Sainsbury's. This is a line of work I'd prefer to go into but have been prevented from doing so due to my lack of experience. Sainsbury's aren't asking for experience as the successful candidate will receive full training. My only disadvantage will be the competition I face.

My parents are both applying for jobs, one internally and the other two counties away! (Don't worry, this isn't due to relationship issues - it's more to do with desperation due to appalling management in the work place). 

My brother is coming to my city to study (provided he gets the grades). Only last week he was veering towards Bath Spa which was originally his first choice. 

My other brother took his first GCSE exam yesterday and will be starting sixth-form college in September. 

My Grandpa is showing small but definite signs of improvement. He now has the energy to sit up in bed and read. 

My granny, his wife is adapting to the prospect of being housebound for a while, rather than gallivanting across the country/world like they used to. 

My other grandma is adapting to life as a widow, and for the first time is able to return to bed when she's not well, rather than struggling through the day in order to care for someone else. 

In other news:

My strawberry pot has produced one seedling!

I'm settling into my new job!

I'm looking into doing some voluntary work like Spud so that I can gain more work experience!

I'm also looking into how I can develop my writing career!

And despite working nearly a third of the hours I used to work, I still don't have time to do anything! Lol

So there you are, a complete and thorough update.


Bethany Mason said...

It's good to read such an inspiring update (despite the few low points). Good luck in your interview and with you writing x

Kess said...

Thanks Bethany. It went terribly, but I'm not letting that get me down! x