Thursday, 28 April 2011

Catching Up

I love spending time with Spud, but having some time apart today has enabled me to catch up on a few things that have been rather neglected recently. After a spot of lunch with Treasure, I treated myself to an activity I haven't had time for in a long while. I did some baking and made Chocolate Almond Biscotti. After that, I finally got round to planting my strawberry seeds. I bought the kit ages ago because I absolutely adore strawberries and fancied growing my own strawberry plant (although judging from my track record with pot plants, this one doesn't stand much of a chance). Then I got down to doing some practical jobs, including filing some paperwork, and doing some tidying. I can't stand my room being messy!

Today has made me realise that all couples need some space: some time to pursue their own interests, or simply to catch up as I have this afternoon. Some of my colleagues from my last job were happy to be apart from their partners for several days at a time (which is probably why they lasted longer than I did in the job). Spud and I aren't like that, but we still need a bit of time apart as this is healthy. Having got on with the tasks that were previously hanging over me, I am now refreshed, and looking forward to seeing Spud tomorrow!


Bethany Mason said...

I would totally agree that all couples need some time apart - I often find myself saying "come round later, I need a litte 'me time' first". Luckily we both know that without this 'me time' for both of us we would probably end up fighting much more than we do now (which is almost never). Anyway, guess we'll have to see how it goes when we move it together (in 2 months!).

Sounds like you had a great day and I hope you have many more like them to come (either taking time on your own or spending them with Spud).

Kess said...

Yes, it's great having time to myself! There are so many things I haven't had time for up until now!