Sunday, 24 April 2011


It was the atmosphere: row upon row of people; the music and the singing; the Easter décor and banners; the great big smile on our minister's face and the passion in his voice as he led us all through the service. 

It was the words: the gospel reading, which we all spoke together in unison; the prayers and songs; the testimonies and Bethany's contribution; Spud's fearlessness, his lack of nerves through and through, as he stood at the lectern and told us the journey of his faith. 

It was the adrenaline racing through me as we were called up and welcomed as members; the way my nerves diminished because the sea of people I faced were my family, my loved ones; the way I gave the wrong response for the third membership vow (and knowing that it didn't matter because God knows what I meant and that I meant it with my whole heart). 

It was that moment of standing in the pool with Spud and our minister; seeing Little One standing up on his seat so that he could see, feeling the murmur of the crowd; one hand on Spud's back and the other on his arm as we lowered him into the water, and watching him rise back up seconds later. 

It was the warmth of the people that came to greet us afterwards, the hugs, the kind words, the feeling of belonging somewhere at last; the smell of the freesias presented to me; saying goodbye to my family who leave tomorrow, yet knowing I have family here; keeping half an eye on Little One who raced around the church, looking so smart and cute as a button in his suit; watching the water being drained from the baptismal pool so that it could be dismantled and put away. Until next time. 

All of these things stirred my soul and made my day. I am spiritually buzzing. 

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