Friday, 22 April 2011

#45 Coming Together

I was thinking recently about my hobbies and interests, and realised that the satisfaction I get from partaking of these is from watching things come together, which is something most of my hobbies and interests have in common. When I write, I get a real thrill from watching the page fill with words and a story emerge. When I knit I love watching a piece of knitting grow from just a few small stitches. The same goes for sewing, particularly when I'm working on a piece of patchwork. I also love to do jigsaw puzzles, and making the picture more complete with every piece. I get so excited about life in general when I see things fall into place, or when a solution to a problem is revealed, an answer to a prayer. 

This is just a random observation, something that struck me the other day, and it has given me something to blog about at least. 

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