Monday, 18 April 2011

#41 A Day With Emily

Yesterday we had a lovely day on the beach with my family, but you'll have to wait until I can get on Spud's computer for the photos, as I'll probably use up my internet usage for the whole month uploading them! Instead I'll blog about today. 

My friend Emily has been in my neck of the woods since Saturday, visiting her brother who (as it turns out) lives very near me! Emily came over yesterday evening and stayed the night, putting my spare bed to use. She even signed Treasure's visitor book which dates back to 1953! We spent this morning showing her around the city, but as it turns out, two hours isn't nearly enough time. We did fit in a visit to the cathedral though, which is really the best place to start in any city, and as it was her first time we documented the trip with a few photographs. 

Unfortunately, Emily had to catch the 1.30 train down to London to see her granny, but she's hoping to return in the summer to complete her tour of the city! I haven't seen her in nearly a year but it was wonderful catching up with her, and showing her a little bit of my world. 

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