Sunday, 17 April 2011

#40 Heartwarming

Yesterday I spent a good twenty minutes in a waterside fish and chip shop, feeling like I could gain about a million calories just from inhaling the air! It was a pretty evening; the setting sun painted the sky and surrounding clouds pink. I would've taken a photograph, but I was just so eager to see my family! The chalet they're staying in is minute and basic, but cosy and cute. It smelled so strongly of paint that it made my nose run, but I liked it. I think if I could get rid of all my clutter I could live quite comfortably in a place like that. Sometimes I dream of simple living. 

We ate in the living room/kitchen, sitting in a semi-circle on the comfy leather sofas, enjoying the grub and the company. I was just so happy to have the five people I love the most in one room, and away from the sadness of death and loss. The holiday is just what we all needed. Afterwards we ate vanilla sponge cake (made by dad!) and then watched Britain's Got Talent, which every year I vow not to watch and then always do! And it really made us all laugh out loud!

By the time we left, I'd been awake 18 hours (19 by the time I got to bed). Although I had a little rest on Spud's bed while we were waiting for my family to arrive, I didn't quite fall asleep. And then, this morning, I awoke from strange dreams before six, which shows my body is already adapting to my new sleep pattern, but thankfully I fell asleep again until some more reasonable time. 

Today my parents are coming to church with us, and then we hope (weather providing) to enjoy a picnic on the beach. Little One will be joining us as Spud and I have started taking him to church, and he loves it so much that he wanted to go yesterday. And then, in the evening, my friend Emily is coming to stay the night as she is in my neck of the woods! I am so happy and excited, my heart is warm. Maybe I'll take some photographs today to share with you tomorrow. 


Anna said...

Ooh do do!
I love the ethos of living a simple life too. Someone told me of a book called * how to de~clutter your life* but I can't find it anywhere. :((
So far my efforts to de~clutter have amounted to selling two items on Ebay lol.
Ah well, gotta start somewhere!
Have a lovely day my little violet.

Kess said...

Haha, good start! :-) Maybe the book will turn up someday!

I think if I opted for simple living, I would have to get rid of Spud because he would never get rid of his 'clutter'. And I certainly couldn't do that! Lol.