Wednesday, 13 April 2011

#36 Heaven

At the funeral yesterday, my mother and her siblings all gave a personal tribute to Grandad. My aunty, who was with him when he passed away, spoke of the last few days of his life. Despite his dementia, he had moments of lucidity. Once he distinctively asked for my mother. He gave other small signs that his old self hadn't been defeated by dementia. And of course, he smiled until the very end. 

Shortly before slipping into a coma, he said to my aunty, "heaven". She told him that the Lord Jesus had forgiven his sins and that he would be with him very shortly. Apparently, at this, my grandad had looked so joyful. 

The service was lovely. There were moments of sadness and moments of great joy as we remembered where my grandad has gone to be. It was a real celebration of the life of a great man, who will always live on in our memories. 

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