Wednesday, 6 April 2011

#29 My Hero

Grandma Sparky is my hero. For the last eight years she selflessly cared for my grandfather, often at a cost to her own health when his mobility deteriorated and he needed to be lifted. It was a long time before she was granted the help she needed, and even then it was only her sheer determination that secured this. Over the last eight years I can only remember her having respite once, and that was ruined a day in when Grandad escaped from the residential care home. This was the care home's fault because they had not made it secure enough for the residents, but after being on the receiving end of my Grandma's fury they had the correct security installed within 24 hours! 

Grandma also nursed my Grandad in their first year of marriage when he became extremely ill, almost to the point of death. He had to rest for well over a year and somehow Grandma managed to oversee his care and bring home the bread. Grandad recovered, and they spent the next decades bringing up five children. Now she must adapt to being a widow, but I have every confidence that she will cope. 

So, to summarise, my Grandma is awesome. Actually, both my grandmothers are awesome. Granny J is having to deal with her husband's sudden deterioration. He is out of hospital now but very ill and currently incontinent. Granny has been so brave in the midst of this crisis. It must be an overwhelming situation for her, and what amazes me is her stoicism. 

Grandma and Granny have shown that the women of my family are strong, both physically and emotionally, independent, willful and determined. They are both my heroes and I like to think that I take after them. 


Anna said...

Kess darling I'm just catching up on your posts and I'm so sad to hear about your grandad. Please pass on our condolences to your mama and her family, and of course to you, my darling.
Let me know when is a good time and I'll ring you.
( always, but especially now )

Kess said...

Aw, thanks sweetpea. It is sad, but at the same time it's a relief to know he's no longer suffering. Mum said he looked so peaceful. He is with the Lord now so it's also a joyous occasion.

We could chat on Saturday evening if you like? If you ring after 8.30 I should be home from Spud's and back in signal again. Can't wait to hear your lovely voice my dear!