Tuesday, 5 April 2011

#28 Rest in Peace

Last night Grandad Sparky passed away peacefully. We were all prepared for his death as he was in the later stages of dementia, and has been up and down since a particularly nasty fit in February. Over the last few weeks he has been watched over at night by Marie Curie nurses, because he would often stop breathing. He also seemed to have difficulty in swallowing, as though he had forgotten how, which meant it was a real struggle to get him to eat and drink anything at all. There have been many occasions where we thought, this is it, but he would surprise us by pulling through and smiling his beautiful smile from his deathbed. My mother's reports have been very reassuring. I don't think my grandfather really suffered during his last days. 

My grandmother was diligent until the very end. She has dutifully cared for her husband all these years, fighting to get the support she needed and finally, after a long battle, securing it. My heart goes out to her. It must be a relief to know that Grandad is at peace, but at the same time it will be strange for her to be alone, now that the man she shared nearly 59 years of marriage with has gone. My heart also goes out to my mother and her brothers and sisters, who have just lost a beloved father. Again, the death was expected, and for many years Grandad hasn't know who we are, but at the same time, his demise will leave a hole, and that will feel strange for a while. Any prayers for my family will be much appreciated. 

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