Sunday, 3 April 2011

#26 Mother

On the phone tonight she sounded so tired and my heart went out to her. I was sad not to be there today. She deserved to put her feet up and have lunch cooked for her, but that was not to be. She spent most of the day with her father who is dying. His time could be any day now. 

We talked for about an hour, and after we hung up I remembered the last time we had coffee together, about six weeks ago. I drove her to her appointment with the chiropractor, feeling so grown up, as it was the first time I'd driven her any distance in my own car. Afterwards we went to a garden centre we had often visited when I was little. We found a window seat in the cafe, and looked out over the estuary, watching the trains pass alongside the water. As we talked I thought, I miss this, and realised that my mum is one of my best friends. I love spending time, just the two of us. 

Happy Mother's Day, mum. I love you!

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