Friday, 1 April 2011

#24 April Fool

Spud and I had a prank planned for our Facebook friends today. We were going to change our relationship status to married and pretend we'd eloped. We were even going to take a photo of us dressed in wedding attire (me in one of my white summer dresses, and Spud in his suit). We didn't go ahead with it in the end. It's been such a busy week that we haven't had a chance to get a photo done, and also I didn't think anyone would believe us. I was also feeling very tired and lacking in motivation. 

I did trick Spud though. I told him that I stayed up late last night completing the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle we've been working on since February. Today's date didn't cross his mind and he was a little bit disappointed that I hadn't waited for him! I quickly reassured him that the puzzle was far from complete (and probably won't be for at least another two months!) and reminded him that today was April Fool's Day. 

So, did anyone else play a prank?

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