Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Something I Can Relate To

(The extract opens with a young couple admiring the house of their dreams and envisioning their life there)

'What I feel certain of is,' said Henry, 'that we ought to be living there, now. We oughtn't to wait for things. What's age? You're as old as you'll ever be and so am I. You know,' he said, 'I have a feeling often and often that it's dangerous to wait for things - that if you wait for things they only go further and further away.'
She did not answer that - she looked up at the sky and said, 'Oh dear, I don't want to go home.'
'Exactly - that's the whole trouble - and we oughtn't to go home. We ought to be going back to the house... I'm not even happy. I'm lonely for you Edna - I would give anything to lie down and cry'...and he added limply, 'with my head in your lap and your darling cheek in my hair.'
'But Henry,' she said, coming closer, 'you have faith, haven't you? I mean, you are absolutely certain that we shall have a house like that and everything we want - aren't you?'
'Not enough - that's not enough. I want to be sitting on those very stairs and taking off these very boots this very minute. Don't you? [...]'
'If only we weren't so young...' she said miserably. 'And yet,' she sighed, 'I'm sure I don't feel very young - I feel twenty at least.'

From 'Something Childish but Very Natural' by Katherine Mansfield

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Bethany Mason said...

I too can completely relate to this extract - I'm tired of waiting and want what I want, now.