Thursday, 17 March 2011

#9 The Flood

'Well, we've all got a story of our own to tell now, the story to end all stories. (That nearly did exactly that in fact.)'

From The Flood, by David Maine

The Flood, by David Maine, is a clever reworking of the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark, which I'm sure we've all heard countless times from childhood. Engaging, funny and moving, the novel follows Noe (Noah), his wife, sons, and daughters-in-law on their journey of survival and obedience to God. I like the way the narrative jumps from character to character, ensuring that the story is told from all angles. Maine also successfully captures the voices of all eight characters, making each one distinct. 

It really made me think about the task God had Noah set out and do, and how miraculous the end result was. The novel drove home for me the importance of trusting God for everything, even the seemingly impossible. However, as a Christian, I found the ending rather disconcerting, as God remains stubbornly silent, and Noe's future seems rather grim and disappointing. However, it was an enjoyable read and is a fairly 'convincing amplification of the Biblical story'. 


Anna said...

Hallo my darling! I've been so neglectful of speaking to you here, forgive me! Life has been busy and quite dramatic.
We are off for a lovely break this weekend as it's our anniversary, and the weather has promised to be good. :))
Kess I loved every post. Your simple, childlike faith encourages my faltering, questioning one. It was because of you I started reading the Bible again!
So glad that things are going well, and it's lovely to read of God meeting your needs.
I love you my sweet, and we can talk soon I hope.
Oh Kess, my gmail account got hacked! :(( So I've had to delete it. I'll text you my new one,
Righto, time to pack a small pink suitcase!
Love from this heart, straight to yours.

Kess said...

Anna! It's so good to hear from you!

I'm sorry to hear you got hacked :-(

I wish you a lovely, happy and sunny anniversary weekend! We must have that chat on the phone when you get back!

I love you too, my precious friend.