Thursday, 31 March 2011

#23 The Things I Won't Miss

  • Trying to manoeuvre the "tank" off the narrow drive way without scraping the paintwork. 
  • Driving the "tank" through the city during rush hour. 
  • Having to work 24/36/72 hours straight. 
  • Sleep-ins.
  • Shifts changing at short notice and without advanced warning. 
  • Having to work Sundays.
  • The screaming. 
  • The risk of being attacked/having something thrown at me. 
  • The unfair and unequal treatment of staff. 
  • The lack of communication. 
  • The lack of care. 

The list could go on... Just one week and six days to go!


Dreaming said...

Always look at the bright side of life :D

Kess said...

That's exactly how I like to live my life - I'm an optimist at heart :)

Good luck with the wedding preparations Stasie! :)