Thursday, 10 March 2011

#2 View from the Passenger Side

I enjoy driving a lot more now that it's become an everyday thing, but today at work my colleague drove and I got to sit in the passenger seat. We took a route I take pretty regularly, but I was amazed by just how much I noticed, from small things like signs, to big things like a school and hospital that I never knew were there! It was incredible to discover just how much I miss as a driver, and just goes to show how much I concentrate when I drive!


Ashley said...

I LOVE driving, but I agree with you--I just love being a passenger, too. It's such a different perspective. I'll take any opportunity for someone to drive my car while I ride.

Kess said...

I'm lucky in that when I'm out with Spud he usually drives. However, because I work I have the car most of the time, so these day's being the passenger is a real novelty!

Anonymous said...

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