Wednesday, 23 March 2011

#15 Days Like These

Oh, how blissful it was to wake up to another day of sunshine! It was so warm today I even shed my fleece and was comfortable enough in just a thin sweater. I wasn't feeling so great when I got up today, which perhaps had something to do with the prospect of a 42.5 hour shift ahead (the longest shift I have to do before I leave), but the second day of sunshine lifted my spirits and made me forget my concerns. Still, the morning was a leisurely one as I didn't need to be at work until after 3pm. I ate breakfast in the conservatory with Treasure, and could easily have remained all day in my armchair, bathed in a patch of sunlight, with a good book or working away at my novel (which is back on track again!)

Because Spud was out at a car boot sale (the first of the year) I didn't rush out to his place, so I decided to work on my jigsaw puzzle, which often gets neglected because normally I reserve all my free time for writing and reading. The puzzle is a difficult one as it is a big picture consisting of thousands of smaller images. I sifted through the pieces, trying to work out from the incomplete images where they should go. I wasn't always able to put a piece in place, and so I returned it to the pile. I thought to myself, how like life this is! Sometimes I think we are given pieces of the life we could have, and then it's up to us to find out whether they fit or not. If they don't then we discard them and fish around again. 

Spud rang at lunchtime to let me know he was on his way home, so I whizzed over to spend a few hours with him before my long stint at work. 

And now it is evening, and I am settling down to do the first of two consecutive sleep-ins. And I have just received a piece of good news. I have another interview to prepare for. It's for a part time job that would perfectly complement my hours at Sainsbury's. Things are gradually coming together, piece by piece. 

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