Tuesday, 22 March 2011

#14 The First Day of Spring

In my opinion, today was the first day of spring. Sure, we have had the occasional day of sunshine and blue skies, but today was warm too. The trees were abundant with blossom spilling from their branches in gorgeous shades of white and pale pink. When I walked home from communion this morning the birds were singing, and someone was mowing their lawn. I was wearing a dress and for the first time my legs weren't cold! It has seemed a very long winter, and so it was an absolute delight to feel warm again, without the aid of a winter coat. 

Spud and I spent the afternoon with his parents and younger brother. We fed the ducks (all of us, not just Little One!) and when all the bread was gone, we sat by the water eating chocolate fingers. The day really took me back to childhood, and the sunshine illuminated everything, making our surroundings look all the more beautiful. My hope is for more days like this in the coming weeks. 

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