Sunday, 20 March 2011

#12 Running Up That Road

This morning I was up bright and early to listen to my friends' band on the radio (click on the link to go check them out!) and afterwards I decided to go for a run. As it was only my second run since the half-marathon last May, I planned a route consisting of one big circuit and two smaller ones which could easily be cut if I wasn't up to it. The first five minutes felt wonderful, but beyond that my energy and enthusiasm began to wear thin. The cold morning air made my head and ears ache, and my nose and throat stung. The discomfort made me appreciate how unfit I've become. I stuck to the big circuit and then headed for home, deciding that once I can run that course a little more comfortably I can start adding in the other two circuits. 

It's a lot more challenging to motivate myself now that my loyal running partner (my dad) is 300 miles away, but I'm glad I made the effort today. My aim is to run once a week and hopefully with time my fitness level will improve and my mileage will increase! It is such a joy to actually have time for running again! 

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