Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thoughts On Waking

When I was rudely awoken by my alarm clock this morning at some unearthly hour, I thought I was in my own room, and it was only when I rolled to my left (rather than my right) to switch off my alarm that I realised I was in the staff bedroom at work. As I jabbed the 'off' button, bringing an end to the intrusive blare, my heart sank as those familiar feelings of dread began to surface. But then I remembered all that had happened the day before, and that was all it took to diminish those negative feelings completely. All this happened in a matter of seconds, and the ensuing calm that followed my sudden revelation was the most amazing thing. I had the strength to continue, and for the next two hours I whirled around the house, ensuring that everything was in order when my shift finished at 9am. 

After attending holy communion, I went to Spud's. We spent the day at a lovely seaside town, eating lunch on the pier and offering our crumbs to a rather hopeful starling, perching just feet away on the railing opposite where we sat (how I regretted leaving my camera at home!) We visited the museum, and then the shops. It was the most beautiful day and although it was cold, the wind had died down and the sun was out from dawn to dusk. I loved the way the sunlight played on our surroundings, particularly when driving home at sundown, and the trees we passed were silhouetted against the sky, which was a multitude of colours. 

When I got home I unpacked my 'sleep-in' bag, and for the first time in weeks I put it away in my wardrobe, rather than leaving it out on the spare bed as I have become accustomed to doing. I played my music and drank tea while I tidied, and then I enjoyed a soak in the bath, trying to remember the last time I felt this relaxed...

(Four consecutive days of blogging! Not bad, eh?) 

And finally, happy birthday to my daddy!

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