Friday, 31 December 2010

2010, A Summary

So, the last day of the year has come round once again. Time for me to reflect on the last 12 months...


- I think my biggest achievement this year was passing my degree with first class honours. I graduated back in November

- Another achievement was completing my local half-marathon back in May. My time was certainly not impressive, but I managed to run all the way, which was my target.

- I also succeeding in getting my first full time job and my first promotion within the space of six weeks, although I'm not especially happy at work at the moment. 

The Places I visited

- Spud and I enjoyed a holiday with my dad's side of the family in the Lake District

- We also visited Scotland in the summer, a place I truly fell in love with


- I left home for the first time, and had my first Christmas away from home

- I drove in icy conditions for the first time


- Spud and I booked our wedding venue, although we have another 19 months to wait!

- We found a church together, and have been very happy the last six months we've attended

New Year's Resolutions

- First and foremost, to get a new job (I have an interview with a newspaper company next week, so I'm hopeful)

- To get back to my writing once more (my current job prevents me from doing so, as I either lack the time, energy or motivation to write)

Wishing you all a prosperous New Year!


Mariel said...

Happy New Year Kess! God bless! :)

Ashley said...

What a fun year! And trust me, the last 19 months of wedding planning will FLY by!

Kess said...

*Mariel* God bless you too dear! I wish you every blessing for 2011!

*Ashley* Ashley! :) So good to hear from you. Hope married life is good! Hehe, I'm sure you're right! Happy New Year! I wish you and Brian every happiness for 2011!