Saturday, 30 October 2010

Over a Cup of Tea

Yesterday I wrote a letter to my best friend and sent it first class so that she would receive it this morning. 

We were very synchronised as, this morning, I received a letter from Dearest Friend herself, and a small gift: a teapot shaped pouch with a teabag inside, and these words:

I wish that I could sit with you
As I really love to do.
But brew yourself a cup of tea
I'll think of you, and
You'll think of me. 

So now I am sitting here with my cup of tea, thinking of her, and all my loved ones scattered across the world. And wishing I could be with you all, drinking tea and drinking in your words. How kind you all are to care for me. How glad I am to be within your social spheres on one level or another. As Yoko Ono said:

'The odds of meeting in this life are so great that every meeting is like a miracle.'


Bethany Mason said...

I have seen the teapot shaped pouches you talk about at many craft fairs and always feel like buying one as I love the idea - however, I know I could easily make one myself (if I ever got round to it, so haven't splurged yet).

Enjoy your cuppa.

Anna said...

Kess my darling,
our lives are all the richer because you came to us.
The miracle is you.
Your loveliness shines for us all.
( Err, what does a teabag pouch look like ? )