Monday, 11 October 2010

Our Autumn Day

In my dream we had the whole day ahead of us to do as we pleased. I wore my stripy scarf and we packed a picnic basket full of food. We spread a worn blanket across a patch of grass overlooking the water. 

In reality we had just a couple of hours to spare before I left to work a seven hour shift. We didn't pack a picnic and I wore my glasses because my eyes were tired (they weren't a part of the original fantasy). 

The first thing you said to me this morning was 'you're beautiful' and I loved you for that. Your eyes barely left me the whole time we were together. We drove to the proposed spot and went for a walk by the water. I didn't recognise the visitor centre, which was suspended over the water - surely I would have remembered it if I'd been there before! We gazed across the water from the viewing platform, watching the geese and swans through binoculars, but the only thing I noticed was your arm around my waist. Afterwards we went to the coffee shop where we drank local apple juice, and ate cake and shortbread. We sat outside in the autumn sunshine, and you still had your arm around me, your head resting on my shoulder. 

I will always remember the beauty of that day, the blue sky and the sunshine reflected in the water; the sweet apple juice on my tongue and exchanging bites of cake; the feel of your protective arm across my shoulders. But most of all I will always remember the way you said 'I love you' so suddenly that it surprised me. 


Mariel said...

This is so sweet, Kess! I love the way you write. :)

Anna said...

Ditto Mariel!
I love it too.

Kess said...

Thank you my lovelies! :) You are too kind. Sorry it's taken me a while to reply - rather hectic at the moment! :(