Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One for the Writers

Last week, after a trip to the supermarket, Spud came over and presented me with a pot plant. When I asked him why, he explained that it was to boost my creativity. Allow me to explain. In his book, :59 Seconds, Professor Richard Wiseman writes 'A significant amount of research has examined the effects of the natural environment on people's thinking and behaviour. The work shows that even a small amount of shrubbery can have a surprisingly large impact on making the world a better place... In the same way that greenery seems to reduce antisocial behaviour, so it also seems to make people more creative... Time and again, the researchers discovered that the addition of the pot plant enhanced people's creativity' (:59 Seconds, Pages 129-31). 

Unfortunately I haven't yet had the opportunity to prove this theory for myself because this last week has been my busiest yet and I haven't had time to write. I have never had much success with pot plants, so I hope that mine will still be alive when I get the opportunity to write again!


Anna said...

Wow. ( Nips out for new, green things ;)
I didn't know this! And how lovely of Spud to think of it!
I , as you know, think you already are a gifted writer,
so here's to the next lot of lovely words via the plant!

Bethany Mason said...

I have heard of this which is why I have a pot plant, unfortunately I killed it over the summer so need a new one

Kess said...

*Anna* Aw, thanks poppet! :) It's so sweet of you to say so. And you know I think you are a wonderful writer too!



*Bethany* Don't worry - my success rate with pot plants hasn't been that great either! My Chrysanthemum has survived its first week in my care, which is a good start!