Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mobile Broadband

With my start date approaching, I finally got mobile broadband last week. Spud did some research for me and helped me to select the best offer. Because we have an Orange phone for our car, I was able to get an eighteen month contract through Orange – 500MB a month for £5 a month. If I find I need more than that then I can upgrade to 1.5MB for £10 a month. 

Mobile broadband isn’t that great, but it’s better than nothing. I had a few problems to begin with as every time I connected to the internet, some application seemed to be eating into my usage. Since Spud fiddled about with my laptop it’s been better, but I’ve found certain websites (particularly blogs) require such a high usage that I will have to go to the library to view these, which is a bit annoying. 

At least it’s only a temporary thing. A proper internet connection is one of the many things I can look forward to in a year and ten months time (or 673 days, but who’s counting? Lol)

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