Saturday, 2 October 2010

Last Day of Freedom

Tomorrow is my last day of freedom after nearly four and a half months out of work. I keep wondering to myself where the time went, not that I feel it’s gone to waste. I’m one of these people who can’t stand to be idle. I cram so many things into my day that there’s hardly a moment to spare. Whenever I’ve had a moment to myself I either remember something else that needs to be done, or I’m too tired to enjoy it so I go to bed (last night, for example). 

Since completing my degree I’ve moved 300 miles away from home, applied for 28 jobs, attended five interviews, and visited the job centre more times than I can count. Aside from all that I’ve rewritten 70 pages of my novel to a standard I’m proud of, read and enjoyed countless books I’ve wanted to read for a long time, attended church weekly, become a leader at Spud’s Boys Brigade company, and best of all spent time with Spud nearly everyday. That’s where all the time has gone!

I don’t hold out much hope for my new job. If I’m honest, it’s not the job I wanted in the first place. You wouldn’t believe how disorganised and unprofessional my new employer has been, and I haven’t even started yet! I have been messed about so much that I don’t perceive it as a good omen. Even today I received a phone call informing that the location for my induction has now changed. 

I also feel as though I am stepping into the unknown. I don’t know anything about the sort of people I’ll be working with, although having worked in care previously I don’t think I’ll be too surprised. I know I have a full time contract that equates to 35 hours a week (plus sleep-ins), but I know nothing about the shift pattern or rota. I don’t know how long my induction will last, or how long I’ll be in work on Monday. They have told me virtually nothing! Hopefully I’ll have some of my questions answered when I start my induction on Monday, after being kept in suspense for nearly two months. 

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