Friday, 29 October 2010

Car Trouble

I may have reached the point where I no longer dread going out in the car (even enjoy being the one behind the wheel) but there are still times when I wish I didn’t drive.

I’ve just this week started driving the work vehicle (a Ford Mondeo if you’re interested) and it’s taken a bit of getting used to as it’s so much bigger than the car Spud and I own. My colleagues sometimes refer to it as the “tank” because it’s very heavy. It is, however, not unpleasant to drive. It’s just the manoeuvring that’s a bit of a nightmare!

However, being the designated driver can sometimes be a disadvantage. Not many of my colleagues can drive, so when a driver is on they normally become taxi driver for the entirety of the shift. I have never wanted to be a taxi driver. I have had to quickly get over my discomfort of driving unaccompanied along unfamiliar roads, as this is something, as driver, I’m expected to do (although my colleagues have been very helpful, and even written down directions for me).

Spud and I have had issues with our own car too. A few weeks ago I parked my car on the road outside my house (so much easier than having to reverse out of the driveway at an awkward angle) and the next morning I found that someone had knocked into my wing mirror and smashed the glass! Spud and I suspect that it may not have been an accident as there is a strange, faint line across the window and some of the paint work, as though someone gave our wing mirror a good whacking with a stick! We also noticed that the same thing had happened to the next car down.

So ever since that incident I have parked on the drive. However, only a week or so later I did exactly what I feared I would do, and accidentally scraped the car on the wall as I was reversing off the drive! Thankfully, the scrape is only on the bumper, but I gave myself quite a hard time about it! So Spud and I may have to get a few repairs done, and they will naturally come at a cost. 

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