Friday, 24 September 2010


This post has been planned for a while, and I've only just got round to actually making it a reality. I've been in the blogging world now for over a year (almost two if you count my failed blog), and I felt it was time I showed some of you some well-deserved recognition. So, I created a blogging award. Here it is, the My Favourite Blog Award:

This award is intended for the blogs you follow most loyally - the ones you read before any others - the ones you click on first when you log into blogger.

And now, proudly, I would like to announce my nominations.

First prize goes to Anna of Beyond the Misty Stars. Anna and I have become really good friends through blogger. Her blog is so endearing and compelling, and almost always the blog that I read first each day.

Second prize goes to Carrie of [carrotspeak.] I've been following Carrie's delightful blog for about a year now. Her blog is deeply personal, and it has been a real privilege to follow her on her journey in life, cheering for her during her highs, and supporting her through her lows.

Third prize goes to Bethany of Empty Thoughts, Rewritten and Empty Dreams, Displayed. Bethany was my first ever follower, and she's stuck with me all the way. She provides excellent commentary on life, and always makes me think!

Fourth prize goes to Mariel of Unabashed Honesty. I stumbled upon Mariel's blog almost a year ago, and I'm so glad I decided to follow. Her posts are always so enjoyable to read, and normally accompanied by her excellent photography. When I read her blog I feel as though I am there with her, seeing the world through her eyes.

To collect your award, save the image and copy it into your blog. You can nominate up to four other blogs that you think are deserving of this award.


Mariel said...

Thank you so much for this, Kess. You're so sweet. I'll post this on my blog too. *hugs*

Bethany Mason said...

Thank you so much Kess - I really appreciate it. Can I be sneaky and pass it to 4 for each blog (4 writing, and 4 other)?

Anna said...

Kess, you made me cry.
I love you for that, and this.
Thank you.
Words are not enough.
* roots around looking for Kleenex :) x

Kess said...

*Mariel* You're very welcome. I wanted to show my appreciation of your blog and your friendship! :) *hugs back*

*Bethany* You're welcome. And yes, you may! x

*Anna* You're welcome darling :) You deserve it. You've been such a good friend, and your words have meant so much to me. Enjoy!



Carrie said...

Kess: I was cleaning out my email inbox and came across your message about this award. I'm way more than late. But omigosh, thank you! :) This makes my day.

You rock. <3

Kess said...

You're welcome Carrie :-) I love your blog - so glad you're back in the blogging world! Lol