Friday, 17 September 2010

Pi-a Pi-a Pi-a-no

I first learnt the piano when I was five years old. Since the age of 3 or 4 I had been picking up and playing various tunes by ear, so perhaps my parents thought that they had a musical genius in the family. I never really progressed though. I learned the correct fingering and how to play with both hands, but I've always struggled with reading music. I just can't read it quick enough! Over the years I've found it much easier to learn a piece by heart and that way I could play it without music. During my time at home I thoroughly enjoyed my rediscovery of the piano. When I had nothing much to do I would sit on the stool and run my fingers across the keys, playing anything that came into my head.

It's midway through September and I haven't come up with anything outrageous to do this month, so I've decided to take up the piano again instead. My landlady, known from this day forth as Treasure, has a beautiful piano, and I've brought back one of my music books, Making the Grade 1, to work through. It's not really outrageous, but it's a bit different, something else to fit in my already busy routine!

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