Sunday, 12 September 2010

'Only God can Stop the Moon'

Just the other day we received some wonderful news. A missionary we knew of was released from 21 months in solitary confinement and reunited with his family. He and his wife were imprisoned for their faith and work, although his wife was released just before Christmas after a year of hard labour. The missionary, however, remained in solitary confinement for another eight months, as his court date kept being postponed to public holidays. This could have gone on in a never ending circle, but God intervened and worked a real miracle for his faithful servant.

Many of the public holidays out there are determined by the position of the moon, and so it is not always certain whether a holiday is to take place until the very last minute. On this particular public holiday the moon did not appear at all. Consequently, the public holiday was cancelled (for the first time in the missionary's recollection) and his court hearing took place. He was fined and released, although not supposed to return to England. Amazingly, God worked a second miracle, by delivering him into sympathetic hands. He was cared for and smuggled onto a plane to England under a different name. When my mum saw him in church today he told her: 'Only God can stop the moon!'


Dreaming said...

Wow, he is indeed almighty. What a great testimony of God's grace and power. He knows all and is good to those who are faithful! Praise the Lord!!!!

Kess said...

I couldn't agree more! It was a wonderful answer to the prayers of so many!