Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lady of the House

My landlady has been away since Thursday, so I really have been able to sample independence this week. Although I do cook the occasional meal, my meals are included with my accommodation, and my landlady normally takes charge of my washing too. So this week I have been cooking and doing the laundry for myself, and believe it or not I love it!

I did my laundry on Sunday, as the weather was ideal (sunny and windy). I put my clothes in the washing machine before I left for church, and when I got back I hung them up on the line. They were dry within a few hours, and the task didn't take as long as I'd anticipated. Perhaps it was novelty, but it didn't feel like a chore either!

I have also really enjoyed planning and preparing meals. My landlady doesn't like pasta, so while she's been away I've taken the opportunity to cook loads of meals with pasta. I started the week with a pasta bake, and then yesterday just ate a simple meal of pasta with sauce and cheese. Spud has been over for dinner most nights, so I haven't been too lonely in the empty house either.

It's all good preparation for the future, because in two years time I will be doing all these things for myself 24/7!


Bethany Mason said...

I know how you feel - I often find it relaxing and freeing when I'm doing my own chores and making my own dinners (of course this is only when I'm able as then it becomes a complete chore).

Anna said...

The feeling of it not being a chore passes within say,
a week of being married! Believe me!
(She said having being doing that chore for almost 30 years now lol)
Great post as ever my love

Anna said...

Oh Kess,
I kept meaning to ask you!
Have you ANY idea in the world where the travelling
notebook is?
Last I heard it was winging it's way to Iceland!
Just wondered if you knew

Kess said...

*Bethany* Yes, when you're tired it does become a real chore! On Saturday night I was planning on cooking Korma, but Spud and I got back so late, and I was tired, so we had pizza instead - just stick it in the oven and, hey presto, it's done in minutes! Lol. That's cooking the easy way!

*Anna* Hello my darling! I'm sure you're absolutely right. When Spud and I get married though I'm certainly going to make sure that the chores get divided equally between us so that neither of us becomes too overburdened!

I have no idea where the travelling notebook is now. The best person to ask is probably Iida of 'With My Head in the Clouds'. If you happen to find out, please will you let me know? I'm curious too...